best restaurant Palma Nova | The Olive Tree

Enjoy dining in this restaurant with
breathtaking views of the Mediterranean

best restaurant Palma Nova | The Olive Tree

Restaurant in Palma Nova

Breathtaking views

Beach Restaurant in Palma Nova, Mallorca

Welcome to The Olive Tree Palmanova, a charming, family-run beachfront restaurant in Palma Nova offering a contemporary twist on traditional Mediterranean dining. From our serene Olive Tree, symbolizing age-old Mallorcan traditions, to our modern design elements, each corner of our restaurant invites you to immerse yourself in its beauty.

Our extensive menu is complemented by soft music, the best cocktails, and friendly, efficient customer service, making us the perfect place to relax and unwind with loved ones. Additionally, thanks to our outdoor terrace, you can enjoy the best sea views in Palmanova, making every visit to our restaurant a true visual delight.

At The Olive Tree Palmanova, we not only focus on serving delicious food but the majority of our menu can be adapted for gluten free diners and we offer a vegetarian/vegan option. We also strive to collaborate with local suppliers who share our values of sustainability and quality. So whether you are visiting Palmanova or you are a resident of the island, our restaurant is the perfect destination for lunches, dinners, and special occasions. Reserve your table today and discover why our customers consider us the best restaurant with a view in Palma Nova.


Savour the Essence of the Mediterranean

Our menu is a celebration of Mediterranean cuisine, thoughtfully curated to celebrate Mallorca's rich culinary heritage. We proudly feature dishes inspired by Mallorca's local and seasonal produce and traditions and we are widely regarded as serving the best tapas in Palma Nova.

Our dedication to providing a delightful dining experience in Palma Nova extends also to seeking out the freshest local fish, delicious steaks and offering vegetarian, gluten-free and nut-allergy options.

Be sure to include The Olive Tree Palmanova on your list of 'must visit' restaurants when exploring Mallorca, we promise an exceptional dining experience you just won't want to miss.

best restaurant Palma Nova | The Olive Tree

Our tapas restaurant in Palma Nova is a haven for food enthusiasts, providing an opportunity to savour the authentic taste of Spain with our exquisite tapas selection.

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best restaurant Palma Nova | The Olive Tree

Our chefs work diligently to guarantee that each steak reaches its pinnacle of perfection, allowing you to fully appreciate the rich and robust flavours found in our exceptional Galician Blonde Steaks.

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best restaurant Palma Nova | The Olive Tree

At The Olive Tree Palmanova, we take pride in offering you the freshest local fish that Majorca has to offer. From seasonal delights to year-round favourites we have a diverse selection of seafood to satisfy every palate.

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best restaurant Palma Nova | The Olive Tree

Whether you embrace a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle or have specific dietary needs, our menu is designed to cater to all preferences and requirements. We also accommodate those with nut allergies and offer gluten-free options.

Commitment to Freshness

As a farm-to-table restaurant in Palma Nova we take pride in cultivating salads and vegetables at our Calvia Farm, ensuring unparalleled freshness. For our other ingredients we seek out local farmers and suppliers who care as much as we do about providing whole foods in their most natural state avoiding contamination and industrial processes.

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Palma Nova Restaurant with a Sea View

Our beachfront terrace overlooking Palma Nova beach is more than just an extension of our space—it is where memories are made. At The Olive Tree Palmanova every guest is special so our spacious terrace is designed to accommodate everyone. For example families with children will find a specially designed menu for them prepared with the same love as our regular menu. And to ensure a comfortable experience for everyone our restaurant is equipped with ramps and accessible toilets eliminating any barriers and allowing every moment to be enjoyed without worries.We are also dog friendly underscoring our vision of an inclusive space for everyone who visits our outdoor restaurant in Palma Nova.


Live Music at Origin Palmanova (our sister restaurant)

Experience the vibrant rhythms of Palma Nova at Origin Palmanova (our sister restaurant) above The Olive Tree Palmanova, where enchanting evenings come alive with the melodies of some of the region's most talented musicians. Throughout the year they host exceptional acoustic sets that elevate your dining experience. Their commitment to providing the best live music in Palma Nova adds a harmonious touch to your visit, making it truly unforgettable.

Origin Palmanova


The Perfect Venue for Special Occasions

Located right on the promenade, just a few steps from Son Maties Beach in Palmanova our restaurant with views of the Mediterranean is the perfect place to celebrate any special occasion: parties, anniversaries, birthdays, and more. A beautiful Olive Tree is the focus of our wooden terrace making our restaurant picturesque and unique. We also have a small ‘garden terrace’ that holds approximately 20 people if you prefer more privacy for your party.

Our cuisine is characterized by its varied Mediterranean menu, where you will find everything from exquisite Rubia Gallega steaks and seafood to burgers, tapas, sandwiches, and chicken; with options for vegans and vegetarians. As for our drinks, you will find a wide selection of wines, cocktails with and without alcohol, sangria, and soft drinks to suit all tastes. Come visit us and discover it for yourself!


Our Sharing Tapas Menu

Tapas are an important part of Spanish cuisine and they are the perfect dishes for sharing with friends and family. Try our special package menu for a minimum of 4 people, the best way to try something new and exciting.

best restaurant Palma Nova | The Olive Tree
best restaurant Palma Nova | The Olive Tree
best restaurant Palma Nova | The Olive Tree
best restaurant Palma Nova | The Olive Tree

Restaurant in Palmanova

When searching for a beachfront restaurant in Palmanova or a restaurant with a view in Palmanova, The Olive Tree Palmanova is your destination of choice.