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Best Cocktails Palma Nova | The Olive Tree

Cocktails in Palma Nova


Cocktail Bar in Palma Nova

Cocktails are the perfect way to kick off any evening. Imagine strolling into the best cocktail bar in Palma Nova, with its stunning view of the Mediterranean and as you find your seat and the sun dips below the horizon, The Olive Tree Palmanova comes alive. Each cocktail is a crafted masterpiece, made with precision and a deep love for flavour. From the refreshing tang of classic margaritas to unique creations inspired by the local culture, our menu is designed to surprise and please.

But it's not just about the drinks; it's the entire atmosphere that sets us apart. With our stunning sea views as your backdrop you are in for an unforgettable night. Join us and let the rhythm of the music and the waves set the pace for your evening. Discover your new favourite spot in Palma Nova where every visit feels like a mini vacation.


Best Cocktails in Palma Nova

Our cocktail menu boasts the best cocktails in Palma Nova, blending beloved classics with our own exclusive creations. Among our crowd-pleasers, you'll find the universally cherished Margarita and the richly aromatic Espresso Martini. But the allure of our menu lies in our signature offerings: Patient Zero, Peach Mai Tai and the Paloma.

These unique craft cocktails stand out because we prioritise high-quality, fresh ingredients and employ cutting-edge mixology techniques to deliver unparalleled flavours. It is this commitment to excellence and creativity that makes our cocktails the best in Palma Nova. Come and discover your new favourite drink with us—each one is a testament to our passion for cocktail craft, just waiting to be savoured.

Best Cocktails Palma Nova | The Olive Tree
Best Cocktails Palma Nova | The Olive Tree
Best Cocktails Palma Nova | The Olive Tree
Best Cocktails Palma Nova | The Olive Tree

Drinks & Wine

Embark on a journey of discovery with our curated selection of drinks and wines chosen to complement our stunning sea views and vibrant atmosphere. Our wine list is a tribute to the rich vineyards of Spain and beyond featuring everything from crisp whites and robust reds to sparkling cava, each one selected for its unique character and ability to harmonise with our culinary offerings.

Best Cocktails Palma Nova | The Olive Tree


The most loved Spanish drink in Mallorca. It is fruity, spicy and packed full of fresh fruit.
We make ours with Triple sec, Brandy, a mix of fruits, juices and spices, then the only decision you have to make is with red wine, white wine or cava.

Best Cocktails Palma Nova | The Olive Tree


There may be times when you simply don’t feel like consuming alcohol and on these occasions we offer Mocktails, still delicious, still shaken, stirred or blended just like their boozy counterparts but without alcohol. Try our Elderflower Collins or Apple and Ginger Mojito. While sipping your cocktail the only thing left to do is decide your food choices and we recommend you begin with sharing our delicious Spanish Tapas.

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If you can’t find a reservation for the desired time please feel free to contact us directly via WhatsApp or call on +34 699 757 777 and please bear in mind we keep many tables available for walk-ins, and do our utmost to seat guests with as short a wait as possible.

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Experience the finest cocktails in Palma Nova under the warm Majorcan sun at The Olive Tree, the area's leading cocktail bar.